Easton Personal Training Programs

Personal Training 

Personal Training is our #1 option for clients that would prefer a 1-on-1 or small group setting.

Great for those that need the extra push to get over the hump.

Personal Training services are offered Monday-Friday between the hours of 7 am-12 noon and 4pm-7pm & Saturday 7am – 12 noon.

Sports Performance 

These sessions are to make your athlete or team more athletic, meeting their age, sports and overall needs. Not every athlete is the same!

During these sessions you will improve your speed, agility, strength, endurance, conditioning, power, explosiveness and more. These sessions run by appointment during Personal Training hours.

Run Coaching

Just like you we love to run, and we are good at it!

Our run coaching program starts with a detailed video analysis of your running form.

We teach you to Improve your balance,  run more efficiently, generate more power, recover from your workouts faster and stick to a winning training plan.